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This is my 5th year teaching high school photo and teaching in general. Our school has a new principal and he likes to do random walk-thrus. Admins make me nervous because my classroom dynamic is very different than they expect. Like, in a traditional art classroom, all the students are relatively working on something at their desk (looking busy). In my classroom, students on various steps of processing and developing their work and sometimes there is down time because students are waiting for a process to be done. I let them take a break until they need to work again. So my new Principal has walked in on this numerous times and I feel scared because I don't know him or what he is thinking. These walk-thrus are not evaluative but can be evidence for other admins during evaluation time to get rid of me. I teach 2 photo 1 classes starting with traditional photography and 3 advance photo classes doing digital work without classroom computers. I know what you're thinking, why don't you hav...See More
tjbteach I am only a substitute teacher, however, a huge problem is the lesson plans are sometimes busy work or work where some students get done early and have little to do or the teacher leaves not enough to keep students busy. Then the principle comes through and the class looks.... well you know. Tips to avoid looking incompetent: Write assignment on bo...See More
Nov 15, 2017
Jennifer Did you ask your principal for feedback? If you are wondering what he is thinking, you could ask him. It would give you time to explain how you organize the time in class.

What else can you have students do during this down time? You could you have students work in journals and respond to a prompt on the board. Or may you could have studen...See More
Nov 21, 2017
Erica Well I have a update. So he goes through our department at least 3 times a month. Random days and random times although he's never hit my 2nd period(my best class) or 6th period in which I feel it's unfair bc he's rolled around during teachers preps and said hi but not me. So he sent the AP in charge of our department to talk to me to get insight. ...See More
Dec 8, 2017
Erica Jennifer - A colleague mentioned journaling and I don't have many sources for ideas. Particularly, something that is highly rigorous. Not like: "How to I feel today". The complaint from the principle is mainly with my IB class. Students do their projects at home for high quality work but during class time they sit there and do homework. I can't hav...See More
Jan 14

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