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I am an experienced Middle School teacher, but I've taken on a new Art period. I am looking for some Computer Aps that my students can use, but I have a variety of needs. I would love some advice on what I can use:

Needs: CAD/CAM (do they still call it that?)

I am looking for a program that my students can use to help them design rooms/homes. Preferably one that allows them to see what the designed home looks like on the outside, not just the floor plans. One that provides a number of "Views" at a number of angles. I'm hoping to collaborate with the math teacher on this project.

Needs: Animation

I would love to introduce my eighth graders to the world of animation where they can either use a stylus to draw their character, or use a preset character and then create frames where the character moves and the scenery moves too. Not sure if I'm asking the world here, but I have some amazing artists in my class that I'd love to support.

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Real Happy Kid Hi Kathleen,

Your animation question stood out to me because some day I would like to find free software like that for myself. Try googling free animation software and try a couple to see if you like one.

As far as drawing on a tablet, I use a microsoft surface to create videos on you tube. If there is a tablet you can borrow and...See More
Dec 28, 2017

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