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For this coming month we have chosen Glass Castles by
Jeanette Wahls (not sure if the author's name is spelled
right). If anyone has read it already, you'll have to tell
me your impressions as I read.

We read Abundance about Marie Antoinette last month. For
the next two weeks a few of us are going to try to quickly
read A Tale of Two Cities. It was recommended as a follow-
up to the Maria Antoinette book. Us few are going to be
together for another event in two weeks so we decided we
would sneak this extra book in and then just find a corner
at some point to discuss it. It feels very secretive and
forbidden - I must be emotionally about the age equivalent
of a middle schooler!
Mshope /blockquote>


Our VP lent me this book last month. It was well-written and
a page turner. However, it was a little hard to relate to.
The author's parents were constantly doing these selfish,
stupid things yet the children were so brilliant.

As a teacher, it was sad that no one ever tried to help these...See More
Nov 7, 2007
Susan/SC /blockquote>

Well I just spent the day reading Glass Castles. It sucked me
right in and I couldn't put it down until I finished. Those
parents are some unforgettable characters. I have sympathy for
the mother - but not much for the dad - as much as she tried
to make him a swashbuckling but flawed hero - he was just a ...See More
Nov 11, 2007
ace/1st /blockquote>

I could not put that book down! When it was over, I was so sad
and felt like I really knew that family...was sorry it was over.
Unfortunately, I saw her interviewed on tv and it spoiled what I
had envisioned her to be like...not in a bad way, just not how I
had imagined. The interview wasn't worth it. But the b...See More
Nov 25, 2007
Vir &#220 /blockquote>

Loved this book. Dad was too smart! I think he also had some
issues from his Mother............remember what she did to the
Dec 31, 2007

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