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I know some of your names from the Golden Apple board.
Being retired, I don't read many children's books anymore
(except to the granddaughters), but I am constantly
reading just for pleasure. I just read The Long Walk Home
by Will North. It was a first novel for him and it was
FANTASTIC!!!!! Sure hope he writes more. My favorite
authors are James Patterson, Harlan Coben, Mary Kay
Andrews, Dorothea Frank...just to name a few. I also have
favorite books by authors that I've only read once like
Water for Elephants and Shadow of the Wind. Hope I can
join in some of the discussions. CB
Susan/SC /blockquote>

I read Water for Elephants and loved it. Have you heard
anything about it being made into a movie?
Jan 1, 2008
Tizzy /blockquote>

The more the merrier CB!! I enjoy looking at everyone's
recommendations... I will never get to all of them, but I am
keeping a list! I've been reading just paperbacks.. I read
mostly to relax and find myself in the bed with a book. The
one I reading now isn't very good, but I want to know how it
turns ou...See More
Jan 1, 2008

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