Author introduction
Mark Wakely

    Hi- I am the author of the young adult novel An Audience for
    Einstein. One of my editors told me that someone mentioned
    my book on Teachers.Net and suggested I introduce myself.
    My novel has won several awards and has been assigned by a
    number of schools. Most notably, both the South Carolina
    Reading Initiative and the Providence, RI Teachers Union
    have recommended my book.

    I believe my novel covers some important topics students
    should be discussing. We are seeing rapid advances being
    made in genetic engineering, cloning, designer genes, and
    other medical discoveries that are both fascinating and
    frightening. The decisions yet to be made as to what we
    should or shouldn't do with our new knowledge will fall
    mainly on the shoulders of the next generation- your
    students. For those who are interested in using my novel
    as a springboard to classroom discussion of these topics,
    on my novel's Amazon page you'll find book discussion
    questions toward the bottom in the Ampedia Community.

    Thank you for your consideration of An Audience for
    Einstein, and thank you to those who have already assigned

    Mark Wakely

An Audience for Einstein