Re: Throwing out titles

    OMG, how are we going to pick! They all sound good to me. Someone make a
    decision! *I might not enjoy the one on Autism....as I write this one of
    my students with autism is screaming and throwing things at the children
    napping. I have taught both spe and regular 25 years, got out of spe two
    years ago because I was burned out on autism, changed schools and the
    last two years at my new school was given three children with autism who
    were very severe because they heard "I was good with autism". But any
    other book sounds great......This weekend if no one has made a decision,
    I will look over what everyone has suggested and pick one! How wonderful
    to have "book" teacher/girlfriends. Jo do you remember me, you sent me a
    jigsaw puzzle in a golden apples gift exchange years ago! BoOn 10/24/07, Jo Swingley wrote:
    > Ok on authors/ titles....my husband was going through the sale
    > books at the local library and found a Wilbur Smith...he does heroic
    > characters.The kind of hero you want to carry you off from a band of
    > radiers..favorite setting is early white settlement of Africa...good
    > historical research.
    > Other author is Bernard Cornell..terriffic historian...has written
    > the Sharpe series..England's war with French in Spain..love it... of
    > course living in Spain and in the general local of stories didn't
    > hurt either. He has one about modern boating,,action series has a
    > civil war series, and several others. I love the Sharpe and boating
    > action ones..you have the feeling of knowing the place and stories
    > just flow.
    > Then there is Alexander Kent he has a series very much like the
    > Hornblower series on BBC awhile back. Again an author who know the
    > subject and has a chsracter you want to read next book to see what has
    > happened to him. Jo S