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It came in the mail today and I started it while DGD was at the doctors.

I love the southern language it is written in and the way each character has her own chapters.

In chapter one I thought that apparently Skeeter was very close to her maid who raised her and she didn't like the way Hilly thought maids should have outdoor restrooms.

The part about how Abiline's son died brought tears to my eyes.

It makes me sad how Miss Leefolt won't nurture her own baby. I'm so glad the baby has Abiline to love her.

I'm worried about the bitter seed that is growing in Abiline.

I just started Minny's chapter but it looks right now like the lady she is going to work for is going to be a hoot.

Your thoughts????

Andddddddddddd, please tell me if there is a better format than this to discuss the book. Thanks for all your input!!!

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