Re: I book marked the site amysaidit put up and....

    skimmed the questions.

    I love the book so far. I am about half way through chapt 3 with
    Minny's story begun. I, too, am impressed with the authentic
    dialogues.....often it is distracting but this flows easily.

    I feel so badly for the Baby Girl....reaching out for her mother who
    never holds her.

    I think Minny would be a great friend, so fun to be around. I am
    suspecting that Minny and Miss Celia will become close through the
    process of teaching Miss Celia how to take care of a house. I feel
    sorry for Celia already, first when she was rejected from
    volunteering her time to help the ladies from Jackson, and then when
    I read that she had to leave the house exactly as her MIL had it

    I am guessing laxatives in Miss Hilly's pie?

    I think those questions should be left for a little later in the book
    as I don't want any spoilers.

    Ok, back to the book--I love it when I find a book like this that I
    don't want to put down! Thanks, chippy,for suggesting this and all
    who are joining in.

    On 6/10/09, I'm afraid to read the link due to the possible spoiler.
    > On 6/10/09, amysaidit wrote:
    >> I am enthralled with this book. I love Southern literature.
    >> I have posted a link of questions for possible
    >> discussion...but they may be spoilers this early in the book.
    >> I am impressed at the authenic dialogue of Aibileen and
    >> Minny. I feel that the author was able to capture this
    >> precisely. Unlike other books, it is not distracting
    >> whatsoever.
    >> Should we define how far we are in discussing this (for
    >> example: discuss chapters 1-5)?