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4. How much of a person’s character would you say is shaped by the times in which they live?

A huge amount and a lot we don't even know until years later. My parents were raising babies during the era of this book and seeing how their opinions and views have changed over the years in phenominal and I think it is largely because our society is so different.

5. Did it bother you that Skeeter is willing to overlook so many of Stuart’s faults so that she can get married, and that it’s not until he literally gets up and walks away that the engagement falls apart?

I think her being new in a relationship with men that she was sort of manning uncharted territory for her. It was all so new and she wasn't sure what exactly she was supposed to do. I knew she was strong and was hoping she'd eventually stand up to him. I was hoping he'd stand up with her.

6. Do you believe that Minny was justified in her distrust of white people?

I think it was suc...See More

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