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I was very stressed out yesterday when I got home and NEED
help from anyone! For my reading program my school uses the
Houghten Mifflin reading series AND the land of the letter
series. What I have been doing is just following the
Houghten Mifflin series and then adding the letter people
with that. Anyways with this series the Hougthen mifflin
introduces letters (one letter a week) and the sound that
goes with that letter all in one week. Then eventually each
letter builds on eachother to make words and small stories.
Well I teach a letter a week with this series and I have
taught the letter and sound of a, d and n. Anyways
yesterday we started a book where the children had to sound
out words with these letters in them. Ex: Dad and Dan.
About half of the children were clueless as to what we were
doing. They were struggling finding the sound of the letter
(unsure what sound it makes). They also seemed e...See More
Lisa /blockquote>

Don't panic! Get the Building Blocks month-by-month
Kindergarten book and start using the activities the best you
can. ESPECIALLY focus on the "getting to know you"/name
activities. I used to do letter of the week, and I know
exactly what you're going through. Using the BB name
activities, they'll learn ...See More
Oct 4, 2003
Erin /blockquote>

I have this fantastic book by Fountas and Pinnell called
Introduction to Phonics. It has great lessons and a book of
blacklines that go with it. The lessons focus on different
aspects of reading and writing literacy through phonics. I
was struggling before I found this book. My kids love doing
some of th...See More
Oct 8, 2003

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