I need help with READING!

    I was very stressed out yesterday when I got home and NEED
    help from anyone! For my reading program my school uses the
    Houghten Mifflin reading series AND the land of the letter
    series. What I have been doing is just following the
    Houghten Mifflin series and then adding the letter people
    with that. Anyways with this series the Hougthen mifflin
    introduces letters (one letter a week) and the sound that
    goes with that letter all in one week. Then eventually each
    letter builds on eachother to make words and small stories.
    Well I teach a letter a week with this series and I have
    taught the letter and sound of a, d and n. Anyways
    yesterday we started a book where the children had to sound
    out words with these letters in them. Ex: Dad and Dan.
    About half of the children were clueless as to what we were
    doing. They were struggling finding the sound of the letter
    (unsure what sound it makes). They also seemed even unsure
    that letters made up words and EVEN what way to read the
    word. I just feel at a loss and and unsure what to do.
    They struggle SOO much connecting sounds as well to make up
    words. What should I do? Is there any really good books I
    could use or rescources you have used? How do you introduce
    reading and phonics to the children? HELP!! Ang

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