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I am looking for Building Block schedules for a 1/2 day Kindergarten program. How do you fit all the blocks into the short time frame? I would love to see and hear about examples.
  • Judy /blockquote> I read your half day scedule with interest. I am a principal of an early childghood center with 18 sessions of HDK. Do you have specials? (PE, MUSIC). OIf so, when. What about snack? How much time between each session? Thanks so mu...See More
    Nov 11, 2003 report post
  • Ali /blockquote> I am new to BB this year. (I taught 2nd grade with 4th blocks last year)Here's our day (as of now - it has changed several times - I just go with what works).8:40-9:00 - eye opener (table centers, coloring sheet, etc)9:00-9:1...See More
    Oct 9, 2003 report post

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