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This year, I have taken on a new role in the education field and am working as a learning coach for a 7-12 school in the Canadian Arctic. I am also taking a Masters of Education and have been learning about conceptions of curriculum, educational philosophies, curricular designs, planning, instruction and evaluation, and how they all weave together.

Background Information

"According to McNeil (1996), conceptions of curriculum are based upon questions investigating "what should be taught? To whom? When and How?"" (Al-Mousa, 2013). Over time there have been four main conceptions, they include Academia, Technology, Society, and Individual. Individual and Academia fall under a traditional philosophy of education, and Society and Technology fall under a contemporary philosophy.

Traditional Philosophy---Academia---Perennialism---Realism---Subject Matter Design

Traditional Philosophy---Individual---Essentialism---Idealism---Learner Cen...See More

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