Re: Question about working at a daycare
    NC early childhood ROCKS!

    This is wonderful! Congradulations! I am in NC too and I work
    for a local Child CAre Resource and Referral. I was an early
    childhood teacher for 11 years before joining the R&R team.
    In NC, there is currently a HUGE demand for infant slots and
    not nearly enough. And NC has a star rating system for child
    care centers and family child care homes. Half of the license
    is teacher education so you would be in high demand. HOWEVER,
    teacher wages are very low. In my county we adverage $8.98 an
    hour across all educational level. Most child care providers
    do not have health insurence either.

    Your best bet may be to look for a corporate, church based or
    Head Start program. You should also look into centers that
    have More-At-Four classrooms (though more-at-four funding for
    next year is still up in the air). More-at-Four classrooms
    are required to have a teacher with a least a bachelors and
    they offer benefits and a decent salary.

    You should also contact Child Care Services Assocation in
    Raleigh (919-967-3272) and ask to speak to someone about
    WAGE$. WAGE$ is a salary suppliment based on education. You
    can receive up to $4000 in suppliment per year.

    You should also contact your local Child Care Resource and
    Raferral office and ask what is availible. Some offices keep
    tabs on who is hiring. They can also help you find
    information on centers. Or you can go to and
    search as a parent for centers in your area. Once you click
    on a center, go to "DCD visits" at the top. That will give
    you the compliance history of a center.

    You also might want to look into opening a Family Child Care
    Home. This is a way to stay home with your own child and
    still make a little money by taking in some other children.
    Talk to your local R&R for information. And let me know if
    there is anythign that I can help you with! I am not in
    Raleigh but I can help you find those you do need to contact!

    On 3/29/09, ETC wrote:
    > I am having a baby in September and I am really interested
    > in teaching preschool or working at a daycare. I've
    > taught kindergarten for 4 yrs and 1st grade for 1. I have
    > absolutely no idea how much teaching preschool pays. I
    > need to know because I'm not sure if this is a logical
    > choice for me and my kid. Obviously, I would want my baby
    > to go to the daycare where I work, one of the benefits of
    > working at a daycare. I live in Raleigh, NC, but
    > information on anywhere would be helpful.
    > 1. How much do preschool teachers typically get paid?
    > 2. What kind of discounts to most daycares offer to
    > employees.
    > Please help, I don't know how else to get this
    > information. Unlike public school teachers, salaries are
    > not public.