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Hello. Is it appropriate to introduce Winter to one year old toddlers living in a tropical state? Since toddlers need to use their senses to learn about things, would it be right to expose them to "fake" snow, or paper snowmen crafts, paper snowflakes, etc.. Wouldn't that be misleading them? Yet, how to introduce the subject of Winter if all they see outside is the bright sunshine, the green trees, and warm weather? Would it be okay to just brush on the subject by only exploring water, ice, winter clothes...? Or is it okay to go ahead and talk about the snow, snowmen, snowflakes with a sensory tub of the fake snow? Thank you for your help.
Gracie This is a good question. I live in an area that usually has winter so we spend time with snow and winter activities. However this year it is warm as Spring and not a flake of snow. (: So I am also questioning whether to keep going with our 'snow / cold/ winter' books and activities as we have before.

That said, one year old is 12 months to...See More
Feb 14, 2017

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