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Looking for advice please. I work at a daycare in the young toddler classroom. We have a child who is 22 months. She is an attention seeker to begin with, very loud and animated, she is for lack of a better way to put it always on, as if she is a performer on a stage. Her behaviors run from smacking her teachers in the face, to,throwing chairs to repeating the same behavior over and over and over until we have to resort to physically removing her from the place she is doing the behavior. She will scream so loud when she is stopped from doing what she wants to do that the entire school will hear her. Lately she has begun swearing at her teachers and other children, these swears include the f word and the b word, today I heard her say the male c word! she also yells at you saying "shut up!". We have tried ignoring her behaviors and they intensify and continue. We try to only phrase things in a positive manner with what is expected of her. We remove her physically from where she...See More

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