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Hi! I am taking a class at school that requires me to interview a teacher about their views of motivation as part of a paper I need to write.

If anyone is willing to answer all of the following questions to help me out it would be greatly appreciated :)

1.What do you believe is the most important for the motivation of the students you teach? 2.What do you do to capitalize on these motivators? 3.How much of the responsibility for student motivation is yours? 4.How much is their's? 5. How important do you think it is to praise students? 6. How much praise do you use? Why? 7.Do you use any other kinds of rewards to motivate your students to study? 8. Can you give me some specific examples? 9. How important do you think it is for you to try and help students develop their self- concepts? 10. What do you do to help students develop their self concepts? 11. Can you give me specific examples? 12. How important do you think it is for students to believe that teachers care ab...See More

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