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My kiddos favorite is Hot Seat for a test review.

Teams are formed by rows. Student in front is in the "Hot Seat". Problem is presented on overhead or Promethean Board and ALL students work the problem. After a specified time (30 to 60 sec), answers are revealed. I give them white boards or lots of scratch paper and dark markers to write their answer. They just hold them up so I can quickly count the points earned. If too many of them miss the problem, then a quick reteach is conducted. After that, the kiddos change seats - everyone moves up one while the person in the front (hot seat) goes the back.

If the hot seat gets the answer correct - 5 points and the team gets 1 additional point for each team members correct answer. 1 point is deducted for each wrong answer. Cummulative points are kept on the board by team. Winning team members gets 5 extra points added to a quiz grade while the other teams get 5 points added to a homework grade. So it is a win-win for the stu...See More

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