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I use this to review vocabulary. It has the kids out of their seats and it will get crazy but the kids like it a lot.

You will need a stack of letters for each group. I always have 4 stacks of letters for 4 groups.

Letters are created by using cardstock cut in half and writing the a,b,c's, one letter to each card, on the cards. I usually have a lot of blank cards for that "just in case" situation. The goal is to spell the words, so the card stack will need more than one for some letters. For example, if your word is amica you will need 2 A cards,if your word is oppidum, you will need to P cards.

Each student is assigned two-three letters (all A and B cards or all A, C, Z cards etc). Those rarely used letters should be given to students with the letters that are used more often. For example, if A is used a lot in the word list and Q is not, then the person who has Q should also have A. The goal is to have each student with "active" card letters.

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