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Hi everyone! I teach Kindergarten, and was looking for something fun to do the last 10-15 minutes of the day after the kids had their snacks and were packing up to go home. I have 3 phenom readers in my class this year, but ALL of the kids have great letter and letter sound skills, so their able to decode words too. I thought I'd try hangman, but I don't call it that. I just call it "The Word Game". Some kids know it as hangman, and some have remarked that it's sort of like Wheel (without the money! lol).

I write a daily Morning Message (class news) on chart paper every day, so we use the back side of that to play the game. The #1 Person then gets to take it home with them every day. You could do it on a Smartboard too, but then a child wouldn't have a hard copy to take home with them (and practice reading over and over again :-)

I started out with simple things within their knowledge base: names of poems, nursery rhymes, songs that they've learned, food that they kno...See More

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