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My co-teacher and I have teach the same subject. We are both foreign language teachers. We've split our responsibilities, I am responsible for one grade level and she the other (grading, teaching, parent contact). We also have the same planning time and plan together. However, when I make suggestions regarding lessons she shoots them down. Or while I'm teaching if I call on a student to answer a question and I am satisfied with the answer and am moving on, she interrupts me and continues questioning the student. I don't shoot down her ideas. She is new to our school and I look for new ways to present lessons. Nor do I override her when she calls on students. I've already spoken with her that she needs to trust me and my judgement like I do her. Things were better for a bit but now have taken a step back. Any suggestions?
Cristina Annamarie, you may need to get a department chair involved. I know that sounds a bit much but, it will fester. Have either of you done co-teaching before? That may be part of the problem. By teaching seperate grade levels and the other doing tasks, you have already created a divide. You need to have a sit down with an administrator or maybe speak t...See More
Jun 30, 2014

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