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In my district we have an early-out day once a week (one hour) for teachers to meet in grade level teams and collaborate. This has lead to some strong teams working together... (though not always the case... depends a lot on leadership and dynamics of team)

This does pave the way for strong co-teaching but is not enough. What are some things that other schools do... or some things that schools could/should do to support co-teaching?

Melissa Honestly they don't. I have been a resource room teacher for 12 out of my 13 years teaching. Last year they took me out of the resource room to "co-teach" with 3 different teachers and grade levels. In addition I still had my resource room to teach and plan for (3 grades in there for reading at the same time) My planning time was only to try and me...See More
Jun 26, 2011

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