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The county offered a class based upon this book. I like the way teachers organized the groups. Make a list of all the students arranging them from most talkative to least talkative. Number them Make a list from most studious yo least studious. Number them. Add the two numbers together for each student, put them in order. Groupings are students 1&2 with students 16&17. Students 14&15 with students 29&30. It worked as a starting point.
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Lynnstarr I think Group work enable students to communicate and manage working with others as we all human beings cannot live alone in this world. For example, when we grow up and get into employment, we need to work with others, communicate with others in order to be more productive at work and to meet the targeted goal of the job. That's why Group works ar...See More
Jun 22, 2011
Kathy M Sorry, just got to Philly.

Yes the name of the book is Productive Group Work. I don't remember the author.

I end up grading any group project twice. Different rubrics. 1st - what is your part of the project? 2nd - what is the final result as a group?

In my senior English class, I assign members to a group. Just because...See More
Jun 23, 2011
sci-saxet Have you ever heard of Kagan strategies? Our district is big on Kagan.

Here is a great powerpoint that I found on the internet that explains the strategies/structures to the students.

On 6/23/11, Kathy M wrote: > Sorry, just got to Philly. > > Yes the name of the book is Productive Group Work. I don't > remember the au...See More
Jun 25, 2011
sci-saxet to Bulldog Over the years I have learned that letting students pick their groups especially for projects that are weighted more than a daily grade is a good thing to do. Though I have been known to let students pick groups, but some people can't be in the same group. So it is a bit limiting, however, they still get to pick.

Now when we do labs, I hav...See More
Jun 25, 2011
Wow! With the exception of the person who suggested the Kagan strategies I have never read so many bad strategies for supposed "cooperative" learning in one place. Ranking students by talkativeness and studiousness and placing them together based on an arbitrary score? yuck Choosing their own partners does not guarantee they have noone to blame but them...See More
Aug 8, 2011

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