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I have taught elementary for the last 5 years and I believe the more you let children collaborate the less you will have to use some sort of intervention. Any parent knows that children do learn from others whether it is positive or negative learning. Teachers need to realize the more collaboration in the classroom may lead to a higher noise level but it is what I call productive noise. Of course you do have those few little darlings that are more than willing to chat about other things, so I say to you, make sure you also have "jobs" that students hold with in that group. For example: Encourager(gives positive feedback to group members for participation), Time Keeper(Keeps the group on track and doesn't allow them to drift), and a Recorder(one who keeps the notes of the group's activity). You can also have material person, and clean up person. This set up will allow everyone to have a job in the group and when trained on how it should work runs really smoothly. The teacher becomes mor...See More

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