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Well here we are!! Windows 7 release day. Any eager beavers so far? If so what do you guys think of it? Is it better than Vista was? Worse? or about the same? Either way I myself am just going to keep my existing Vista for now and download the scenic ribbon UI until Service Pack 1 comes out and I get a new PC. In the meantime i'd love to hear what you guys think. Happy Windows 7 day!!
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Dan David Arthur Johnston accused Victoria provincial court of "full- on-Nazism" as he received a 60-day jail sentence for pitching a tent in Centennial Square for six days last month.

Johnston, who refuses to eat when he is in custody, appeared thin and haggard as he appeared by video from the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre Wed...See More
Nov 3, 2011
Dan Victoria's David Arthur Johnston has lost considerable weight during his latest three-week hunger strike while serving a 60day jail sentence, his mother said Tuesday.

Johnston has regularly been arrested since 2004 for sleeping in public spaces and he refuses to eat while in jail. A court order from December prevents him from erecting tent...See More
Nov 16, 2011
Dan Another 60 days just for setting up a measley tent on public land. This is getting ridiculous. Patience Be With You David Arthur Johnston!!
Feb 3, 2012
Dan Oh I can't possibly. I'm not well you know. I've got spots in front of my headlights and my whistle's broken. Listen, wheeeet!! 30 of my wheels are flat and I know I would never make it over the mountain.
Mar 22, 2012
Dan That One Was Epic!!
Jul 7, 2012

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