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Hi guys, in my classroom, I want to give each student a computer tablet so that after I finish my lecture, if I send out a link for 20 questions to 30 students, those students need to complete the questions and send their feedback to me digitally.

Since I have a little experience with HTML, I was planning to create this in an intranet closed environment.

But I want the system to be very responsive, which is critical and not just does the job. For example, imagine 30 students sending all their data to me at once. Will there be bottlenecks and downtime etc ... ? I don't want this.

And because of this unsurety, I was also thinking about developing the software by app android so that they entire system can be very responsive.

Does anyone with tech knowledge know which is better? Android app or HTML?
Tech Ed Teacher This "wheel" has already been invented so you may want to look atthe websites for your classroom's or info-center's Group Interactive Display technology.. The brand we use here is Smart Board Smart Response. It does exactly what you describe and more. It's pricey though. Here's a link to the user manual (102 pages, covers everything but a...See More
Sep 11, 2016

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