Re: Online schools for Georgia certification

    I can relate Danae. I am struggling w/ the same questions as
    you are only about Walden University. They have a master's
    degree program that I want to study and are only about 3 in
    the nation to offer it. It's a MS in Instructional Design and
    Technology w/ an emphasis on Online Learning. It's the Online
    Learning part that seperates it from everyone else. However,
    like you, I have the same hesitation. Not very many people
    have heard of Walden, although I have been extremely
    impressed w/ their enrollment counselors. They are awesome!
    What have you decided or found out? I am leaning towards just
    choosing Walden because I would rather study something I am
    very interested in if I am going to be doing a gazillion
    papers and working hard towards a degree. Plus I guess, in a
    way, it can't hurt you, but just might not put you ahead in
    the job applications for example if you chose one of the Ivy
    League schools for your master's. What are your thoughts? Are
    you currently teaching? What does your district say about
    it? I would love to hear if and what you decided or any
    other feedback you have received! can call your
    state certification center and check to make sure they will
    accept a degree from that school. That is what I did for my
    NE recertification. Just an idea for ya! Thanks!