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Hi, I've gotten tired of hearing people say how they dropped out of school and then became rich and successful as if dropping out is what did this for them. Looking into it you can see that they all took some other form of education, sometimes putting in twice if not more hours into a mentorship or apprenticeship than your normal student puts in for a Bachelors Degree.

That's why they became successful. It's so misleading to listen to some of these people on TV or the internet. So I just wanted to try to do something on my own to help clear the air and prevent some young kid from getting the wrong idea and that some how dropping out was the way to go.

I wrote a book, Education Beyond High School,

So if anyone had someone they were concerned about, someone that listened to some rich guy brag about dropping out of college, then you could show them that every one of those guys didn't stop learning, they just ...See More

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