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The international education market is still buzzing about the International Baccalaureate curriculum because of the proliferation of schools using the IB curricula and because of the prestige that comes along with having the IB status.

The IB educational organization, founded in 1968, has headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Over the past few decades, IB has become widely known for world class academics, pedagogical leadership and high student achievement globally. In order to teach IB programs, schools must be authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization and become a recognized IB World School.

The main challenge for teachers in obtaining IB teaching experience comes from the fact that there is no formal qualification to teach IB and that the experience must be obtained from on the job training at an IB World School. However, many IB schools do not hire or train teachers who do not have prior IB teaching experience. So, then how do you get into an IB sc...See More

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