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Hi! I'm new here -- I was hoping for any advice. I currently live in Virginia (my family is in NC and SC) and I want to study for K-6. However, I have read that NJ and NY are the top states for teaching and education and that SC (among others) are at the bottom. I obviously would want to be successful, have quality education and the ability to offer the same.

I guess my question is.. is it a huge difference in quality? Is it worth relocating?
cubs1977 The state you teach in will be important for you in terms of pay, pension, and benefits. NJ and NY pay pretty well. The entire South does not pay well. Most of the flyover states do not pay well and this is why you see the teacher walkout movement hitting there. Also, many of the poor paying states are weak union states, so teachers are treated lik...See More
May 17, 2018

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