Re: inexpensive online masters in education
    Lee Whittelsey

    On 12/13/09, Maria wrote:
    > ,Try Western New Mexico University they have an online MA in
    > Interdisciplinary STudies. You choose your areas of
    > concentration, one of the available ones is Education. The
    > entire degree will cost about $6,000
    > On 10/31/09, Lowie wrote:
    >> On 8/26/09, lane wrote:
    >>> What is the absolute cheapest online masters that anyone
    >>> has heard of?
    >> 10-31-2009
    >> I'm engaged in a similar search! So far, the most affordable,
    >> accredited, online M.Ed. programs I've come across are those
    >> offered by the American College of Education. The areas of
    >> specialization include Curriculum & Instruction, C&I with ESL,
    >> C&I with Bilingual, Educational Leadership, and Educational
    >> Technology. I understand their current rate is $4,950 if you
    >> apply by November 23 - after that it will be $6,950 (still more
    >> affordable than most). I'd love to hear opinions from those
    >> who've already participated in the ACE M.Ed. program! I'm very
    >> interested in signing up but would like some anecdotal evidence
    >> first. Here are the factors I've considered and researched so
    > far:
    >> 1) Is the college accredited? Yes, ACE is accredited by the
    >> North Central Association of Colleges and Schools - Higher
    >> Learning Commission. The original accreditation that Barat
    >> College obtained in 1943 was continued in 2005 when ACE
    >> bought Barat. ACE's most recent accreditation evaluation
    >> (PEAQ) was completed in 2007-2008 and their next one is
    >> scheduled for 2013-2014.
    >> 2) How can they offer an affordable program? Well, perhaps
    >> it's because they're specialized: ACE only offers a variety
    >> of M.Ed. degrees, nothing else. And it's all done online,
    >> which must reduce traditional infrastructure expenses. And
    >> ACE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Higher Ed Holdings, LLC,
    >> a group that helps state universities provide online
    >> learning for their own students. In order to sell their
    >> services to the state universities, Higher Ed Holdings can
    >> probably use its own wholly-owned online college as a model.
    >> So it's in HEH/ACE's own best interest to have a robust
    >> model in place, and affordable access is probably the best
    >> way to encourage growth.
    >> 3) Do I have to wait until the traditional fall or spring
    >> semester to get started? No. The learning is asynchronous,
    >> so it's easy for ACE to provide monthly start dates.
    >> Please do not confuse this for a commercial message - it's
    >> not! It is an authentic response to an authentic question,
    >> from one teacher to another. I hope the time and effort
    >> I've put into this research can be helpful to other teachers
    >> as well --
    >> Sincerely,
    >> Lowie
    >> Spanish Teacher (and lifelong learner)
    >> New Jersey

    I was also looking for inexpensive Master's and just complete the
    American College program in Education leadership so that I could
    work towards become a principal. I came through an alternative
    certification and this has definitely helped me in my teaching
    practice and moved me ahead as far as my career. It was a really
    solid program - good resources and taking one class at a time
    definitely made it easier. Less than $7,000, is still not cheap
    for me but I think it is a pretty good investment.

    American College of Education