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    Re: Need advise for my Son

    On 10/02/11, Kish wrote:

    I really don't think any school would balk at taking him into 10th
    grade if he finished 9th grade last year. Do you have a transcript
    that shows he finished 9th grade? Tell them he's been privately
    tutored these past six weeks because you knew you were moving home.

    Especially if you'd find out what books they're using in his new
    school for literature class and have him read that book(s). Find out
    what reading was required over the summer - many high schools do
    require summer reading - and have him read those books. Some of this
    can be looked up online or it's information that can be gotten
    through e-mail. Some books are available to be read online - you
    wouldn't even have to buy them. Check out

    Six weeks does not a school year make or break. And what do his last
    year's teachers say about this? You can certainly ask them if they
    think he should enter 9th or 10th.

    Good luck. Welcome home.

    > On 10/01/11, Sara wrote:
    >> On 9/30/11, Kish wrote:
    >>> Hi Every one, I need advise for my Son who finished grade
    >>> 9th in June this year however as we are in the middle of
    >>> international relocation, he has not attended his 10th
    >>> grade this year. We will be moving to Houston by 15th of
    >>> Sept and by that he would have mised almost 7 weeks of 10
    >>> grade school. He has been always ahead of his grade level
    >>> in Maths and Science however we are a bit worried that he
    >>> has lost out too much and are thinking of placing him in
    >>> 9th grade again. Can you please advise me if this is a wise
    >>> move or will it have impact on his colleague admissions as
    >>> he would have taken a year longer. Thank you very for you
    >>> help on this.
    >>> Regards
    >>> Kish
    >> Missing these few weeks of 10th grade should not be a problem.
    >> You don't say where you're moving from. It will not impact on
    >> his college admission if he repeats 9th grade - that can always
    >> be explained by his move and he will likely have to do some
    >> work to make up his missed time but if he has always been a
    >> strong student missing a few weeks of 10th grade shouldn't hurt.
    >> Why not contact the school district, explain the situation and
    >> ask them what books he should be reading for his literature
    >> class so he could make up the reading now?
    > Hi Sara,
    > Thanks for taking time and responding to me. We are moving from
    > Dubai, we moved here from Dallas, Texas on international
    > assignment a couple of years back and now moving back to Texas.
    > we were really worried that considering the intensity of high
    > school, will it be too much for him to join school 6 weeks late
    > and if the schools will be willing to take him in Grade 10, as
    > after he finished his Grade 9 in Jul here in Dubai, he has not
    > been going to school and only taking private tuition at home. Any
    > views will be much appreciated.
    > Regards
    > Kish