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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone could shed some light on applications to Canada?

I'm an academic guidance counsellor working in a British international school in Qatar where pupils study I/GCSE's and AS& A Levels . This year applications have been quite popular to Canada in comparison to other years and I've really very little experience with it.

Are there any compulsory subjects that universities like to see? For example: Maths?

Do they have any external standardized tests to take? is the SAT required?

If they are English do they still need to take and Ielts?

Does it entirely depend on the province?

Are there any establishments that offer foundation year courses/pre university courses that are well known?

- I've done a google search and so many different answers have been thrust my way and I don't really know if they are authentic or not. I'd quite like to just see/hear it from another professional directly. ...See More

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