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Hello, I'm looking to get advice from individuals already working as school counselors. I live in PA with my wife and 3 y/o daughter. My wife has been trying to get a school counselor job for the past 5 years, since obtaining her Master's. She has had no luck, except for a job fair she attended a month ago. She was offered an open contract for a school counselor position in Jacksonville Florida.

We've tried to weigh the pros and cons. Making a move will take us from family, I'll need to find a new job, put off going back to school, etc. However, my wife will get her foot in the door. We live in the suburbs of Philly at the moment. Our area is flooded with colleges/school counselor programs and applicants. It feels that it's impossible for my wife to even get her resume looked at, despite the hundreds of applications a year she's been submitting. Is this the nature of the employment situation for this type of work? Is there any hope of obtaining a job, or is it all internal ca...See More

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