Method & Theory

    Re: Attention-Seeking Behavior

    I am a parent who heard the term negative attention seeking till I
    wanted to puke.

    I had a son who made grunting noises all the time at school. He was
    always in trouble for being disruptive but he swore it was not on
    purpose. Then he stopped doing that and did throat clearing all the
    time. Maybe it's his allergies. So we tried different allergy meds.
    Sometimes he would tap one finger on the desk incessantly, then that
    would change. He would get angry for being punished when he wasn't
    doing it on purpose. The more he was punished the more it occurred.
    He would tell me the teacher lied when she said she sees him do it on
    purpose. He never denied what he did just that it was not on purpose.
    Oh! but he was doing on purpose, I watched him do it on purpose says
    the teacher. I'm not buying that anymore, he is a people pleaser.
    This makes no sense but they locked him in as a problem student with
    a parent who no longer supports them. They were 1/2 right and I kept
    searching for answers.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting the results
    to be different.

    It turned out to be vocal and motor tics. Tourettes.

    Tourettes is anxiety driven and the more he was punished the more
    pronounced the tics. He was being treated for severe anxiety issues
    but I never dreamed of Tourettes. He would try to hold the tic in but
    the doc said it had to come out sooner or later so it would change if
    need be. It was a diagnosis that would change his life. Once treated
    his life was so much better, not perfect as some wanted, but much,
    much better.

    The article is a good one and the main point one should take away
    from it is GET TO THE ROOT of the problem and then you can find the
    answer to deal with it. Too much is passed off a a kid deliberately
    being disruptive for the sake of being disruptive without looking
    There is ALWAYS a reason.