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Classroom management includes expectations for student behavior. Our school district places very high expectations on student behavior. Most of the teachers in the district, like Stronge says, "hold students individually accountable and if necessary, use intervention strategies to help students learn the desired behavior." (Handbook for qualities of effective teachers, 2004) The district I teach has unified intervention strategies and consequences in place. We use the PBIS system. Many of my students have high expectations set forth by their parents as well. Our schools work closely with parents, communicating expectations for student behaviors. I have aligned my expectations for student behavior with those high expectations. Does anyone else use PBIS? How do you implement and use PBIS in your classrooms?
Anne R The past two districts that I have been a part of have implemented PBIS. On orientation day, all families are given a matrix of what we expect at school and give them ideas on what they should expect from their children at home. We have classroom expectations that are reviewed with the students in the classroom. There are also hallway, bathroom, pl...See More
Sep 26, 2017
Samantha M My school uses PBIS, I am part of the Universal Tier team. The entire school uses the same language and has the same set of All School Beliefs "We are kind, respectful, responsible, and safe. We will do our best and have fun." Our universal system is very successful. We have a universal way to document behaviors with minors and majors. When a stude...See More
Sep 27, 2017
Ashley C My school also uses PBIS, and it is implemented much like Sam's and Anne's school. In connection with the whole school celebrations that we do monthly... the students fill up a card (get 10 signatures) by showing positive behavior. When they fill up a card they can use the card to vote for which monthly whole school activity they would like. Also, ...See More
Sep 30, 2017
Ines K Thank you for sharing your experiences with PBIS. Our school mascot is a cougar. The cougar is called Rocky. Throughout the school with use the mascot and link PBIS to the mascot. For example, we have sign that say:"make paws-sitive" choices. Or throughout the week the goal is to handout 10 tickets, acknowledging students making good choices. The t...See More
Sep 30, 2017
Alexandra Sletten My district does not have PBIS per say --- but we do have a code of conduct blue print, that does look like an actual blue print, and we have it everywhere. on posters, signs. Kids are graded on how well they follow the code of conduct. We do "code kids" of the week. We give tower tickets where teachers circle which code of conduct the kids followe...See More
Sep 30, 2017

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