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I think that although it's my second year of teaching and I am improving, I still struggle to be consistent with disciplining my students. I think I speak for all teachers when I say that discipline is by far my least favorite part of teaching. I give several warnings before doing a "fix-it" plan, or call home. Lately I have been trying to make a student's come in for recess, which is a challenge since I am itinerant, and am not around every day all day. It also sucks up my prep time, as many of my students have recess during that time.

Does anyone else do fix it plans? What are your classroom procedures? Do you ever just send kids to the office? I recently had my principal literally come down and sit with a poorly behaved student for one hour. Initially, my principal did not want to do this, but I think he realizes now why I have been struggling with this particular student, and we have since set up a plan. I am curious to hear what you all think/do!
Samantha M Alex, I was right there with you when I was beginning teaching. I struggled with being confident in my disciplinary decisions, I was questioning my choices, or I would think too much about it that too much time had passed before I did anything. As I have grown I have realized that consistency is key. Consequences can be hard to enforce as a special...See More
Sep 28, 2017
Anne R I rarely send students to the principal's office unless I know that I can no longer teach with a student in my classroom. I have buddied up with the teachers that are right next door to me and we have designated "take a break" chairs where we have the students sit in another classroom and observe what those students are doing. Students take a break...See More
Sep 28, 2017
KathleenO When I was still in the regular classroom, I tried to stay away from keeping students in from recess. Often the student needed that time to get rid of energy, get the wiggles out etc. The student then is restless all afternoon and he is still not behaving. Also, as you said, you are giving up your prep time, bathroom break and time to regroup. We a...See More
Sep 29, 2017
Ines K We do not have a "fix it" plan at our school. I have established rules and consequences for my physical education classroom. According to Stronge, "virtually everything that involves interactions among people requires rules." Classrooms are no exception. Stronge states, "Effective teachers have a minimum number of classroom rules", and "rules shoul...See More
Sep 29, 2017

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