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This is for PBIS Tier II coaches... Our tier II interventions include a behavior chart to help with student reflection of their day for 30 days. When the 30 days is up if they still need to be on the chart it continues until they are successful. This can be a great tool for students to become more self aware and it is a positive intervention because it serves as a way for students to get positive feedback.

BUT, what do other schools do for students who do not respond to Tier II systems? If they figure out the "System" they are successful on the chart (because they have to bel not because they want to be) but then when they are off the chart the behaviors go back to the way it was and they are back on it again. Year after year there has been a student who has been on a chart for the past 5 years. He is not responding to the chart this year, brags about his low score, doesn't care if he is on it or not. Are there any schools that modify the chart for the student to help them re...See More
Heather S. Samantha, it sounds like this student clearly needs a different intervention, maybe even a Tier III intervention. He has clearly figured out the system and if he has been on chart for 5 years something is not working. Has e every been a part of a SAIG group? Do you think he would respond to small group lesson with the counselor? I think a modified ...See More
Sep 29, 2017
Samantha M He has been referred for SAIG but I am not sure about whether or not he get's it regularly/ if at all. Also, my school district does not have a Tier III system. I feel like we are doing this child a disservice giving him the same intervention expecting a different result. Very frustrating. I would agree with a modified chart for sure.
Oct 1, 2017

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