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    Re: "older" teacher-need suggestions for discipline issues
    Ethel B. Gulfan

    On 9/03/11, Ben wrote:
    > 1. You can't stop the textng and the cell phones any more than
    > teachers could stop the "Game Boys" when they came out in
    > 1990. You can try confiscating them and sending the kid to the
    > Principal if he/she refuses to hand it over, but that can lead
    > to disruptive fights with the kid.
    > You need to make the lesson more active by giving them work to
    > do that will take all period. If they'd rather text than work,
    > they'll fail. If they can text and still get all the work
    > done, leave it at that.
    > If the kid is texting and failing the class, you need to
    > contact the parent and say "your kid is failing because he/she
    > is not producing." Leave the parent to decide what they want
    > from their child.
    > 2. Never talk over anyone, you'll make yourself hoarse. Put
    > the insrtuctions on the board, and make the work "group based"
    > so talking will be part of the activity anyway.
    > 3. Ignoring you? Well if they fail, you still get your
    > paycheck.
    > 4. Refer to #3
    > 5. I never hover over the kids. I make sweeping rounds of the
    > room to see how they are progressing.
    > 111On 9/01/11, Maria wrote:
    >> I want to preface this post by saying that I hope this does
    >> not offend anyone. I am a female teacher in my late 40s who
    >> is also obese. I am losing weight but it is difficult. I
    >> never had classroom management issues until I turned 45 and
    >> gained weight. I'd rather not state what subject I teach but
    >> I will say it is a 9-12 grade environment with about 75%
    >> male students and 25% female.
    >> I strive to make lessons interesting and sometimes humorous.
    >> I have been in other younger and /or "in shape" teacher's
    >> classrooms and feel that their lessons are not as
    >> interesting. In fact, sometimes they lecture all period
    >> which I was told NEVER to do. But they seem to have a much
    >> better control of their classrooms, especially the younger
    >> male teachers. It seems the male students are more "afraid"
    >> of the younger males and the females think they are
    >> attractive or look up to them like an older brother. I
    >> cannot help but think that it is human nature that the
    >> students will listen better and be more likely to follow
    >> directions. They also seem to get more out of the students
    >> than I do.
    >> I am wondering if anyone can give me suggestions on how to
    >> deal with this? The main management problems I have are 1)
    >> students constantly trying to get out their phones to text
    >> when I am not looking, 2) talking when I am giving a lesson,
    >> 3) completely ignoring me when I am giving out instructions,
    >> 4) forcing me to talk loudly because they just will not
    >> quiet down, 5) not working unless I am standing right over
    >> them. is not my intent to offend anyone. Thank
    >> you in advance.