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    Tired of the socializing
    Daniel Hanson

    Hi, everyone!

    Today in class the socializing was really getting
    to me with some of my Spanish II students. It seems like
    the mentality of some students is just to sit in class and
    socialize and not to care at all about learning the
    material or getting a good grade in the class. Not all my
    students, maybe not even half of them are like that, but
    the ones that are in school just to socialize are really
    frustrating me right now. I have a hard time understanding
    this mindset. Some of them just spend time talking instead
    of getting started on their work. There are a few students
    in one particular class that will make soft remarks which I
    find disrespectful, but I don't pursue the issue because
    they are not said out loud and I don't want to be writing
    detentions/referrals for every little thing.

    What type of consequences do you think are
    effective for this type of student?

    Thanks for your insights!
    Daniel Hanson
    Public High School Spanish Teacher
    Atwater, California, USA