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I have a third grade student who hits every day, when I am not looking. He actually doesn't seem to hit that often at his recess, though he does occasionally hit during recess. He mainly hits when I take the kids to the restroom, when we go to PE, during PE, etc..., so this really could be an attention getting behavior.

He came from a different school, and none of his previous teachers could handle him. The school he came from is notorious for not dealing well with problems.

He refuses to stand near me during his high risk hitting times, so I can watch him and keep him from hitting. He even refuses to stand by me after he has hit another child. When he refuses to stand next to me, I tell him he will then have to go to the office, since he is not following my rules. When he refuses to go to the office, I tell him the principal will come and pick him up if he cannot go himself. Then he goes to the office. We are not allowed to take kids by the hand once they are in...See More
Ms. Garcia Have you tried assigning him some leadership roles? Like maybe passing out equipment, putting equipment away or something that requires his full attention without completely interacting with other students? Sometimes students need to feel that someone believes in their ability to be better before they can feel better about it and they can do better...See More
Oct 3, 2016

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