Method & Theory

    Behavior problems in Inclusion class
    suggestions pleasee

    I teach 6 history classes a day, 10th grade. Each class has
    at LEAST one student with a behavior modification plan that
    allows the student "to leave the room as he/she feels is
    needed for cooling off purpose" without even notifying or
    requesting to leave - he/she can just get up and leave when
    she wants. Also, the student may not be corrected for
    arguing, cussing, in the room or required to do work, if
    she does not want to. Since I am not allowed to tell other
    students in the class about special rules for this student,
    the classes are just going nuts because they think I do not
    have rules, policies, or at least will not enforce
    anything. To be honest, I don't feel right about allowing
    one student to yell f you in the room but write up another
    student for it. Help!