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I'm wondering what happened to Jim with the charges students made that he was cursing at students. Unfortunately, I believe that some administrations foster an environment that puts teachers in a position where some students feel that they can say whatever they want when they are upset with the teacher. Some are thrilled with the power. It does not do the kids a bet of good to enable bad behavior. I had a student take out her laptop after I asked her to stop talking (I had first attempted to redirect her several times). When asked to put it away, she told me that she was emailing the dean about me. I did not say anything but "please stop talking." When extremely disruptive students are sent out, we teachers are admonished for not handling it in the class. We have done everything we could before that step!!

I feel that this is a form of students bullying teachers and threatening to make them lose their jobs if a teacher in any way disciplines them. I am not talking about inappr...See More

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