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Hello there, all!

I need some help.

A Scottish Primary School teacher friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed, has been having extreme difficulty with an incredibly troublesome, undisciplined Primary 5 child (Age 9) for over a year now.

This child is intelligent and has wonderful potential to be a brilliant learner and was much more productive in earlier years in school, however now is continually defiant and disturbed towards most instructions from his teacher.

This pupil is an avid gamer, which by all means is a wonderfully fun pass- time if precautions are taken to ensure the games are suitable for a 9-year- old, however, confirmed by his actions and conversations in class, the games he has been allocated are filled with violence, nudity and foul language - I'm not advocating for these games to be banned, I've played games of similar nature myself, but certainly not in Primary 5!

The Primary School my friend teaches at is very small (6 ...See More

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