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Neato, I get to be the first to post!

Has anyone taught a course where you did not get to design
the course-- your responsibilitie were just to e-mail and
communicate with students, type commentary on their written
work, and grade? What was the experience like?

I'm thinking I won't mind it since creating an online
course is so much work-- and the pay for this university is
VERY low (around $1100 a course)-- but I worry about
disliking the curriculum.
marjoryt /blockquote>

I've not heard of this situation before, but I've seen some
math courses that were designed around the self-paced
software - the teacher served basically as the tutor - the
software did the instruction, practice, and testing. The
good teachers did plenty of tutoring, and the poor ones sat
and graded pape...See More
Nov 2, 2007
rw /blockquote>

In this case I would be in charge of the grading/commenting and
e-mailing. The student would be all across the country so it
would be an online constructed course and I'd work from home. I
think I'm going to try it.

> I've not heard of this situation before, but I've seen some
> math courses ...See More
Nov 5, 2007
where is it? independent study or facilitated? /blockquote>

Is it independent study where students enroll whenever they want
and then do the work in a certain period of time? Or do you
facilitate discussions and grade their work on a schedule?

I've done everything in online teaching -- independent self-study
and weekly facilitated courses. Right now I've got one s...See More
Nov 22, 2007
rw /blockquote>

It's not independent study-- it's a regularly 8-week college writing
course where everyone starts at the same time, has the same
deadlines, etc.

I figure I'll try it. Since I have a different full-time job to be
creative in, it might be nice to have a pre-designed course anyway,
particularly considering...See More
Nov 25, 2007
online prof /blockquote>

Pre-written courses are nice because you don't have to do anything
but teach. The flip side is that if there's an assignment you think
could be done more effectively in a different way, you can't change

What kind of turnaround do they expect with grading? Some schools
give only two days, others...See More
Nov 25, 2007

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