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The items in this group are pretty old. so I wanted to get an update on Connections Academy. I was looking into distance learning in Georgia. I'm been teaching for six years and I love every minute of it. Every year I'm being pressured to move out of my classroom. My Principal wants me to prepare for an administrative career path that I do not want. The politics are a bit much for me. I just want to teach!

What are the benefits for six years experience and a M.Ed? I'm leery of the no salary scale. (salary, insurance, 401k,etc.) Are years of service with Connections Academy counted?
c.a. not so good Connections Academy has a non-compete clause which means if you leave (quit, non-renewed, laid-off, whatever), you can't teach anywhere for 12 months...

Pay varies by your state, but expect it to be less than the public schools. They are a for-profit business, so they're interested in paying as little as possible.

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Dec 6, 2015

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