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Let me first wish all of you happiness, health, and family joy during the coming holidays. I'm posting as a guest.

As a professionally trained linguist (PhD., U of Pennsylvania), I learned through field work that checking language as real people use and evaluate it is an antidote to over-reliance upon untested theories, and to the arrogance that an abstract approach often engenders.

Therefore, I'm reaching out to you, real teachers in the field, for advice. I'd be grateful to learn from you two things.

First, what criticisms do you have of the way that grammar is presented in the textbooks or other resources that you use? (You don't have to name titles or authors. Your criticisms alone will help me.)

Second, what would you think of a new approach—humorous short fiction--to teaching grammar, especially the more problematic areas of grammar, for an audience of adults; that is, people of high-school age and older? Since this approach is new, you nee...See More

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