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Where can teachers find help on the net, when they have
been falsely accused of sexual abuse?
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DAYYYYYY--YUMMM! Mary Daley RULES!! Love the way you "put it together"!! :):):) Now that was far from INTREPID!! :):):) Love it!

On 5/24/12, Mary Daley wrote: > Substitutes Beware > > > All intrepid Substitute teachers, hear my story. First, you endure a hell > day with extreme behavior. You push back on the behavior, the misbehaving > run to the office an...See More
Sep 10, 2012
M LSorrell Last Thursday I was stopped by the principal as I left and she asked me to meet with her and the school secretary regarding some incident that had transpired during my day while subbing in a 6th grade class.

She said a student witnessed me "dig my fingernails into a child and pinch him." Which I denied. It had been dark in the room while I...See More
Oct 2, 2012
David Remmy All teachers need to band together on this, others never know when it will be them, including women. There needs to be a surge at every political level, start with school board meetings, city council members, county, and so up. Harnesses the internet to obtain valid info about this problem of tyranny that is gripping this country.Have teachers grou...See More
Dec 11, 2012
John Smith On 5/02/09, DTA wrote: > YES! YES! YES! > > We are out there. I am in the midst of a lawsuit right now. > > I am an educator who works in a state run Correctional Facility. > > For years, I have been forced to tolerate a small posse of rogue employees > who have talked openly in the presence of inmates and made false > sp...See More
Sep 18, 2014
Michael Gallagher On 2/22/09, sherri daley wrote:
> Feb 22, 2009. In response to the posts below ... I am
> working with a producer at ABC to possibly do a national
> show, perhaps 20/20, on falsely accused teachers. I am
> one myself - If we don't band together and get some
> attention, no one is going to want to teach in urb...See More
Jan 25, 2017

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