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Large spotlights were brought in and crews worked through the night to remove remaining structure and debris from Tent City.

“We have now provided or offered housing to all those who needed it. We were able to bring this situation to a peaceful resolution, and now we can go in and start to clean up the site,” Rich Coleman, Minister Responsible for Housing said in a statement.

Homes have been provided or offered to everyone at the Victoria’s courthouse site who requested housing, and the encampment has been shut down, in accordance with Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson’s ruling on July 5.

Hinkson ruled that the encampment on the Victoria courthouse lawn was unsafe for those living there and for the neighbouring residents and businesses, so the encampment must be closed.

He ordered that as housing became available, and by not later than Aug. 8, the defendants should remove all structures, tents, etc. from the site.

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