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Sheenagh Morrison will get her first raise in nearly a decade Thursday and the B.C. government will take most of it back the same day.

After nine years of living on $906 a month, the 35-year-old Victoria woman will see her monthly disability cheque increase by $77.

The same day, however, the B.C. government will start charging her $52 a month for a bus pass that used to cost $45 a year.

Once the government finishes adding and subtracting, Morrison, who has a developmental disability, will be left with an extra $25 a month — her first increase since 2007.

“I’m very upset that they’re doing that,” she said. “They could be giving us a raise that we haven’t had in 10 years and kept the bus pass the way it was at $45 a year — instead of deducting money.”

Morrison isn’t alone. For months, people with disabilities and their advocates have criticized the “mean-spirited” changes first announced in the February budget.

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