Re: Spelling Tests???

    I give a spelling test with 12 words and 2 spelling dictation
    sentences. We got this list from a phonic program we use. When we
    first started using this I though no way would they be able to do the
    sentences, but they do! Some of the sentences use commas, quotation
    marks, question marks, and explanation marks.

    On 6/23/13, Diana wrote:
    > We do have spelling tests once a week. They are differentiated - a
    > separate list for each reading group. they are Dolch words, high
    > frequency words,and patterned words taken from their guided reading
    > books. They get the words on Monday, and have a chance to practice
    > them in Making words center during the week (using letter tiles,
    > magnetic letters on cookie sheets, rainbow writing, chalk boards,
    > iPads). They do well with it, and most can retain the knowledge
    > afterwards and spell the words correctly in their writing.
    > On 6/19/13, Leslie Ducey wrote:
    >> On 6/19/13, Sharon Laramie wrote:
    >>> On 6/19/13, Hurley wrote:
    >>>> Do you give spelling tests in first grade? I'm moving to
    >>>> 1st from 3rd and the retiring 1st grade teacher told me she
    >>>> never gave spelling tests? What does everyone else do??
    >>> First grade gives spelling tests. Our Reading series has the
    >>> words and a test every 7-10 days when we finish a unit. I
    >>> tweaked that into a test every Friday. The kids do very well
    >>> with the Spelling test. Most words are sight words or pattern
    >>> words
    >> I teach kindergarten and give spelling tests starting in Feb. I
    >> only have 6 words - 3 centered around a word family and 3 other
    >> sight words. They don't "count" for anything, but I have found
    >> that my students become more confident in their creative writing