Re: Push-in vs. pull-out models of support
    Same here

    On 7/24/11, 4th wrote:
    > On 5/11/11, NJ/4th wrote:
    >> I've taught as a pull-out teacher in the past and now I have a
    >> push-in teacher who comes to my room. I agree with Lori about
    >> the advantages of pull-out. However, this year I team teach
    >> with a push-in teacher twice a week. We have a great working
    >> relationship and I've learned a lot from her. It doesn't
    >> disrupt the class because all but four students need her
    >> support. So when she comes in, she "takes over" and I act as
    >> the in-class support.
    >> On 5/10/11, Lori wrote:
    >>> I prefer a pull-out model since....
    >>> 1. it doesn't disrupt the rest of my class
    >>> 2. it also allows me more flexibility
    >>> 3. I don't have to plan with another person (no time.
    > Pull out works better for me. I had a speech teacher that was a
    > push in teacher and all she did was sit next to the kid. I never
    > saw any "speech" going on. I always felt that it was a way for her
    > to do nothing. I'm sure that all push in teachers are not that
    > way....just my experience.